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5 Flooring Renovations That Help You Sell Your Home Faster

If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next few years, you may be planning to renovate it to boost its resale value. This makes sense because these days, buyers have a strong preference for homes that are move-in ready. In other words, they don’t want a home that would require a lot of work to transform it into the space they really want.

When planning your renovation, you may consider swapping out fixtures, replacing your kitchen cabinets, and adding an extra bathroom. However, there’s something else in your home you should pay attention to: your floors. Flooring renovations are one of the most strategic changes to make to your home if you want to boost its resale value. But which ones give you the best return on investment?

Here are 5 flooring renovations that increase the value of your home and help it sell faster:

1. Repairing damaged floors

If you’re trying to sell your home, excessive wear and tear on your floors matters. In fact, some real estate agents even go as far as to say that floors in poor conditions are a top reason why buyers will walk away from your home. That’s why repairing damaged floors is one of the most important flooring renovations you can do. Prepare your home to wow buyers by repairing chipped, warped, worn, or discoloured floors.

2. Cleaning carpets

Carpet may not be as trendy as hardwood or natural stone these days. But many buyers will tolerate carpet in bedrooms as long as it’s in good shape. When evaluating the condition of your carpet, think about how you would feel if you were seeing it for the first time. Would you feel comfortable walking on it barefoot or allowing a baby to play on it?

If your carpets need some maintenance to get them in tip-top shape, invest in a steam cleaner and hire a professional to treat stains you can’t remove yourself.

3. Updating your kitchen and bathroom floors

It’s important to prioritize flooring renovations that address damaged or dirty floors. But once you’ve taken care of these, it’s time to think about spaces where you can modernize your floors. Which rooms should you start with? Your kitchen and bathrooms.

Having an outdated kitchen or bathroom is one of the easiest ways to turn buyers away. This is why it’s helpful to give these spaces an upgrade by modernizing the floors you have in them.

4. Installing hardwood

If you’re planning to remove an existing floor and replace it with a new one, consider choosing hardwood. Although installing hardwood in your home can be expensive, it’s one of the most valuable flooring renovations you can do because hardwood is highly attractive to buyers. In fact, as many as 54% of buyers are willing to pay more for a home that has hardwood. And it’s not hard to understand why: hardwood is elegant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Looking for a more budget-friendly way to reap some of the benefits of installing a wood floor in your home? Consider going with engineered hardwood instead.

5. Refinishing hardwood

If you already have hardwood floors and know they need a facelift, consider refinishing them instead of replacing them. A refinish can give your floors the boost in appearance they need without leaving you with the hefty bill that comes with a full replacement. You can also take these flooring renovations to the next level by repairing individual damaged planks and fixing creaks in your hardwood.

Strategic flooring renovations help you sell faster

If you’re planning to put your home on the market, consider renovating your floors. The right flooring renovations can attract buyers, make them take action faster, and encourage them to submit higher offers. These renovations include repairing damaged floors, cleaning carpets, updating kitchen and bathroom floors, installing hardwood, and refinishing hardwood.

Need help finding a new floor that will attract buyers? We’re here to help.

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