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5 Things People Forget When Planning a Main Floor Renovation

Kitchens and bathrooms may be the most common rooms to target when you’re thinking about renovating your home. But it’s your entire main floor that guests experience when they visit. A spacious and elegant main floor can wow visitors and create a solid impression if you host clients or colleagues at home. It also gives you enough room to comfortably entertain friends and family.

How can you make the most of your main floor renovation so you end up with a space you and your guests love? Be aware of the 5 things people often forget when planning a main floor renovation.

1. Creating a spacious foyer

When planning a main floor renovation, you’re most likely to think about how you want to change your kitchen, living room, and any other rooms you have on this floor. What are you likely to forget about? Your foyer.

Your foyer may just seem like an extension of your main floor hallway. But it’s an important space to consider because it’s the first part of your home that guests will experience. When doing a main floor renovation, ensure that your floor plan will leave you with enough room for a spacious foyer. You want to make sure that guests have enough space to greet you and remove or put on coats and shoes.

2. Ensuring proper sight lines

During a main floor renovation, it’s easy to focus on individual rooms separately and forget about the connections between them. However, these connections are important to consider if you want to ensure that you have proper sight lines on your main floor. When you have proper sight lines, it lets people in different rooms see each other. And it allows your family to communicate and interact naturally—even if you’re not all in the same room.

If your current main floor doesn’t have proper sight lines, consider modifying your floor plan to create them. You may need to move a room or knock a wall down to do it. But having proper sight lines on your main floor can make all the difference when spending time with family and guests.

3. Adding a powder room

If you don’t currently have a powder room on your main floor, don’t forget to include one in your renovation floor plan. Having a main floor powder room comes in handy when you host guests, especially if you don’t have any other bathrooms on your main floor. It also means that family members don’t have to climb a set of stairs every time they’re downstairs and need to use the washroom.

4. Choosing larger windows

Having lots of natural light and a great view can make even small spaces feel spacious and bright. So if it fits your budget, consider swapping small windows for larger ones or repositioning windows to optimize your view. Having larger windows and the right lighting both inside and outside your home can truly transform the look and feel of your main floor.

Don’t want to splurge on new windows? Paint your window frames a shade lighter than the walls in a room. This will maximize the light that comes through the windows.

5. Enhancing storage space

No matter what kind of home you live in and who you live with, you can never have enough storage. That’s why it’s useful to consider how you can maximize storage space during your main floor renovation. For example, optimize storage space in your kitchen cabinets; add shelves to your laundry room; or add furniture to your dining room that allows you to discreetly store dishes, table cloths, and other items.

Plan your main floor renovation carefully

When planning a main floor renovation, it’s easy to spend most of your time focusing on your kitchen and floors. But it’s equally important to think about other aspects of your main floor and how to optimize them for your family and guests.

Get the best bang for your buck from your main floor renovation by considering the changes outlined above. They’ll help you transform your main floor into a space that’s functional and looks impressive too.

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