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Five 2019 Home Renovation Trends to Refresh Your Space

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Whether you want to give your space a new look or get it ready to sell, renovating a home comes with a lot of decisions. Depending on the project you’re tackling, you may need to select new floors, countertops, ceilings, appliances, and even light fixtures. What kinds of features and finishes are going to be in demand and attractive to potential buyers next year? Check out these five key 2019 home renovation trends:  

1. Matte appliances

If you’re planning to buy new kitchen appliances, consider making this 2019 home renovation trend part of your project. Instead of selecting stainless steel appliances or built-in appliances, consider appliances with a matte finish. Available in a range of gorgeous colours, including black, dark blue, and white, these appliances give kitchens a unique and luxurious look. They can also be easier than stainless steel to keep clean.

2. Quartz counters

If you’ve gotten used to seeing marble countertops everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram, this 2019 home renovation trend may surprise you. But there’s a reason why quartz countertops, particularly in warmer colours, are rising in popularity: they make kitchens look less clinical and homier.

In addition to giving your kitchen an elegant, timeless look, quartz is highly durable. Just be sure to shield it from the heat of a pot that has just come off the stove.

3. Lighter floors

This 2019 home renovation trend is all about swapping dark floors for lighter options. These include blond woods and white tiles. It’s true that light floors make scuffs and dirt easier to see. But on the flipside, they make rooms in your home feel open and more spacious. This is why light floors are becomingly increasingly popular choices among homeowners.

4. Textured wallpaper

These days, homeowners are ditching accent walls and opting for textured wallpaper on all four walls of a space. This 2019 home renovation trend lets you add a pop of colour or experiment with a pattern while still giving a room a cohesive look.

Like the idea of wallpaper but have concerns about resale value? Choose removable wallpaper. This growing trend gives you the freedom to try a bold wallpaper but take it down when you’re ready to move on.

5. Concrete accents

Concrete may not seem like a material that belongs in residential spaces. But this 2019 home renovation trend is a great way to add a modern, budget-friendly touch to a space. Not sure how to incorporate concrete into your renovation project? Consider using it as a countertop, floor, or backsplash.

Get creative with these 2019 home renovation trends

If you’ve been dreaming of trying something new in your home, 2019 is the year to do it. After all, the trends we’ve shared above don’t involve simply changing your paint colours or swapping your light fixtures. They give you the chance to explore options you may have never considered before. Whether you’re up for installing a matte appliance or trying a removable, textured wallpaper, these 2019 trends will help you win over potential buyers or fall in love with your space again.  

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