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3 Quiet Flooring Materials That Reduce Noise in Homes

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

If you have kids or pets, you know they bring joy to your home. But with all that joy comes something else: noise. Whether you have a toddler who loves rough-and-tumble play, a teen who enjoys blasting music, or a dog who barks every time he hears something outside, your home can get pretty noisy. What can you do to dampen sound between floors in your home so you can enjoy a coffee or nap in peace? Consider installing one of these 3 quiet flooring materials in your home:

1. Carpet

If peace and quiet is your #1 priority, carpet is the floor for you. It’s one of the best quiet flooring materials around thanks to its sound-absorbing properties. Both the fibres in carpet and the mat that lies underneath it trap sound to prevent echoing. You can also choose to install a thicker mat to enhance sound absorption.

A soft, comfortable material, carpet is excellent for reducing sound in bedrooms, playrooms, and basements. Just remember that it can be hard to clean. It also stains easily and can trigger allergy symptoms because it traps dust and other allergens.

2. Cork

Looking for a quiet flooring material but can’t stand the thought of installing carpet? Try cork instead. Cork doesn’t just turn the volume down on sound. It absorbs it. Because cork is porous, sound waves sink into its cellular structure and get broken up. This makes cork so effective in reducing sound that it’s even used to soundproof recording studios.

Cork is a great flooring choice for homes with kids and pets because it’s soft, allergen friendly, and warm under your feet. However, sunlight exposure can cause it to fade. So be sure to protect it by covering windows with blinds or curtains.

3. Vinyl

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly quiet flooring material, take a look at vinyl. Vinyl flooring has a foam backing. This not only makes vinyl a cushioned surface but also helps to reduce sound. The type of vinyl material that’s placed over the foam backing will determine the degree of sound absorption. So if you want to reduce noise as much as possible in your home, consider going with a high-quality vinyl.

In addition to reducing sound and being comfortable under your feet, vinyl comes in a variety of appealing colours and styles. However, like cork, vinyl is vulnerable to sunlight damage. It can also get dented if you drop sharp objects on it.

Experience the difference of quiet flooring materials

Your kids and pets may be loud. But this doesn’t mean that you need to hear them no matter where you are in your home. To reduce noise travel between rooms and floors in your home, consider installing one of these 3 quiet flooring materials. They’ll dampen or absorb sound at its source so you can enjoy some peace and quiet again.

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