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Why You Should Hire a Renovation Project Manager

A home renovation is a project with lots of moving parts—even if you’re renovating just one space. For example, if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll need to hire separate trades for cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. As a result, someone needs to be in charge of managing the renovation schedule, ensuring the project stays on budget, and overseeing the entire process.

If you’re trying to minimize the cost of your renovation, you may be tempted to manage your renovation yourself. However, unless you’re experienced in renovations or construction more generally, you can end up making costly mistakes. In fact, because of your inexperience with renovations, you can end up spending more money on your renovation than you would have if you had hired a renovation project manager.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s a no-brainer to hire a renovation project manager:

1. They take care of the project

A home renovation is often a major project that involves lots of important details, trades, and materials. What does it take to stay on top of all this? Lots of time, which is something you may not have.

When you have family, work, and social responsibilities, you may not have time to create a renovation schedule, find the right cabinetry tradesperson, or apply for the permits you need for your project. A renovation project manager takes these tasks off your plate by tackling them for you.

2. They minimize risk

Because renovation project managers have experience with home renovations, they can anticipate potential problems and respond to them proactively. For example, you may have dreams of expanding the size of your garage. And you may be able to find the right trades to make it happen.

But because of their experience in your local area, a renovation project manager might know right from the beginning that your city is unlikely to approve the project. They can also suggest alternatives that address your needs while still following local regulations and restrictions.

3. They know how to keep a project on track

Because home renovations have multiple moving parts, it’s very easy for them to fall behind schedule or go over budget. However, given their experience with renovations, renovation project managers can minimize these challenges. For example, if it’s taking longer than expected to install flooring, a reliable renovation project manager will recognize this and take steps to minimize the impact on the overall project schedule.

Renovation project managers are also experienced in leading teams. This allows them to keep track of different tasks, trades, and milestones effectively. It also allows them to schedule phases of the project properly and successfully navigate any concerns that arise with individual trades.

4. They have insurance

If a tradesperson sustains an injury while working on your home or damages a neighbour’s property, you can be held liable for it. However, reputable renovation project managers have WSIB and liability insurance that protects you in these situations. This way, you don’t have to worry about the consequences of potential injuries and damage while renovating your home.

It’s worth it to hire a renovation project manager

If you don’t want to compromise the timeline, budget, or quality of your home renovation, it pays to hire a renovation project manager. Because of their experience, renovation project managers can ensure that you have reputable trades working on your home. They can also anticipate obstacles and troubleshoot problems to ensure that your home renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

Looking for a renovation project manager to keep your home renovation on track and on budget?

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